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LT Michael A. Palumbo began his career in the U.S. Navy League Cadet Corps in the old Chicago Division, then served as a Sea Cadet in the John F. Kennedy Division in Forest Park, Illinois. He later served for 8 years as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army. LT Palumbo came back to the program in 2009 as the Operations Officer for Peoria’s Pimiteoui Division. Then, in 2013, he formed and became the first Commanding Officer of SPC Justin O. Penrod Division in Champaign, IL. Commanding Officer Palumbo currently resides in Mahomet, IL with wife, Sharon, and son, Michael Jr.

Division officers

LTJG Sharon L. Palumbo, NSCC

LTJG Sharon Palumbo is a Chicago native with an engineering background. She worked 14 ½ years in the fiber optic industry before changing her career venue from engineering to teaching high school math. In 2013, she became one of the founders of the SPC Justin O. Penrod Division as the Operations Officer. LTJG Palumbo lives in Mahomet, IL with her husband, Mike, and their son, Michael Jr.

MIDN Minetti was born in the town of New Lenox, Illinois. Ever since he was a child,
he had always wanted to serve his country. One of the first steps he took to serve his country
was to join the local Boy Scout troop. He started by participating in fundraising and community
service events. Once he became a freshman in high school, he furthered his desire to serve by
joining the JROTC unit in the high school. In JROTC, he also participated in various community
service and school events. Also during high school, he made his decision to join the Navy as an
officer. His first step towards becoming an officer was to fill out the application for both the
Naval Academy and NROTC. Along with this, he applied to the University of Illinois
Champaign-Urbana. His application to the academy was rejected but his NROTC scholarship
was accepted along with the University of Illinois application. MIDN Minetti is currently a 4/C
Midshipman with the WGNB (World’s Greatest Naval Battalion) studying nuclear engineering
at the University of Illinois and is also a Midshipman in the Champaign Sea Cadets.

MIDN Octavio Cuesta De la Rosa – After joining the Sea Cadet Corps branch of the New
Zealand Cadet Forces in 2012, MIDN Cuesta developed a passion and proficiency for
shooting and sailing. After reaching the rank of Petty Officer Cadet (E-5 equivalent), MIDN
Cuesta moved to Chicago in 2015, where he transferred to the John F. Kennedy Division.
Despite starting over as a recruit, he became the division’s Color Guard Commander and
before reaching the rank of E-4. In 2017, MIDN Cuesta enrolled in the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in history and double-minoring in French and urban
planning. He continued his sea cadet career as a Midshipman with the Justin O. Penrod
Division and frequently works with other sea cadet units in the region. He currently lives in
Urbana, IL, bartending and racing with the University of Illinois sailing

Midshipman 4/c  Angelo Minetti, US Navy Resevers                Personel Officer

LT Michael A. Palumbo, NSCC

Midshipman Octavio Cuesta ,USNSCC   Supply Officer